Donate to Hope United Methodist Church

If you would like to help support HUMC and it’s ministries we have provided a link to donate and or tithe. There are currently three categories you can donate to. General Fund, Missions, Trustees. We will eventually add the different individual missions we support. Also note that we have made our site secure, as you can see with the lock in the address line. Your monetary donations help keep our doors open and online bringing God’s message to shut-ins and those that are across the world. Yes we have friends that regularly join us from other states in America. We thank those who have been donating and we have decided to continue our agreement with Vanco.

You will first need to create your own profile that includes name, address, email and password. You can also see all your all transactions throughout the year.

Hope United Methodist has partnered with Vanco for our Non-Profit donations

Vanco does charge 2.75% and $.43 transaction fees for their services. There is also a $10 a month administration fee. All fees are deducted from what they send to us. You can if you wish add to your donation to cover fees (if you wish but not requested or expected) You also can set up a reoccurring donation or one-time donations


To Donate to Hope United Methodist Church click here